We are offering a different style of service each week in the hope that you will like one or two of them enough to come and try them out. If your child is over 5 and confident to be left you can get some adult time in the Main Service too. All services will start at 10:30 and have their own Kiddush.

We hold a Kuddle-Up Shabbat for the very young on the second Friday of every month 16:15-16:45

On the first Shabbat of the month Rabbi Emily will be leading an informal round table breakfast, short service and activity.

The second Shabbat of the month will be led by Grant Kay who has been leading services as a volunteer for several years, so if you are familiar with his style of Service you will know he likes to sing and tell stories and just have an informal service that lasts no longer than an hour.

On the second Shabbat Rabbi Emily also leads ‘Schmooze’ for everyone who is secondary school age.

On the third Shabbat of the month Rabbi Emily will be leading her ‘Shabbat Shirah’ service, this is a musical service with musical instruments for added effect so if you are a budding musician come and add your talents to the mix.

The fourth Shabbat will be led by Laurence Stein, offering stories, songs and short service.

When there is fifth Shabbat in the month we will be holding a family service as we want to take away the “is there isn’t there a children’s service we can go to today this week” and you can tell your friends that if they are coming to EHRS for a bar or bat mitzvah or other celebration they can leave their children (over the age of 5) in the service while they enjoy adult time in the Main Service.

Festival Services held throughout the year are indicated in our LeDor VaDor magazine as well as in the weekly Our Week Ahead email.