Whilst we can't get together in person, below you will find links to the videos and resources created by your EHRS team

Click here for a link to the the video made by our Rabbis as an example for our Apple throwing video.  Please send a video of yourself throwing an apple out of the frame to Rabbi Mark to join in with our Rosh Hashanah Primary Years service.    We will do the editing!

Here is a link to the Torah and Haftarah portion for Shabbat Nitzavim-Vaylech on Saturday 12 September - click here

Here is a link to the entire Reform Judaism Siddur to use on weekdays and Shabbat: Seder HaTefillot - Forms of Prayer. All you need to do to find your way around the Siddur is to type the page number you need in the box at the top next to the word 'pages'. Thank you to Reform Judaism for making this facility available.

If you are joining a funeral service from home you can follow this service in this online Siddur provided by Reform Judaism. Click here to download it in full or click here for an abridged printable version.

If you are joining a Shivah (Memorial Prayer) service from home you can follow this service in this online Siddur provided by Reform Judaism. Click here to download it in full.

On Shabbat 1st August Rabbi Mark led a Shiur on "Halachah-How does it work in Reform Judaism.  Here is the source sheet that he shared:  Click here to download.

Please continue to read for more links, including our EHRS Online Talks of the Week, songs and prayers

Have you signed up to the Edgware and Hendon Reform Synagogue - EHRS Facebook page yet?  If you do you will find live events from the Synagogue, videos of what has been happening and the easiest and most fail-safe way of joining us online. You need to join Facebook (at www.facebook.com) and then click here. We also have a thriving page for EHRS Young Families here and for all EHRS Young People here.

EHRS Online Talk of the week:  Cassy Sachar, Leo Baeck College Library July 24 2020

What are all these books doing in this basement? Tales from the Leo Baeck College Library here in London– Join us to explore some of the hidden treasures and unusual books held by the Leo Baeck College library which is one of the finest Jewish libraries in Europe. Hosted by Rabbi Debbie You can watch this talk by clicking here.

EHRS Voices Across Continents: An Hour in Haifa, Israel  July 16 2020
Rabbi Mark hosts Benjy Maor, UK Liaison from the Leo Baeck Center in Haifa, which is the oldest Reform Jewish institution in Israel, founded in 1938. The Leo Baeck Center comprises schools, the Ohel Avraham Progressive Synagogue, neighbourhood centres around the city, programmes for children with special educational needs and outreach programmes aiding education in deprived areas, a sports centre and summer camps. All of them are models of Jewish – Arab shared existence. Hear from Benjy and three inspiring students from the school how life is today in Haifa as Covid 19 loosens its grip.   You can watch this talk by clicking here.

EHRS Online Talk of the week:  Susannah Kraft July 3  2020
Discovering & Documenting England’s Lost Jews: Susannah has been working on a project to bring to life the stories of the Jews who were buried from 1733 – 1918 in the Novo Cemetery in the grounds of Queen Mary University in Bethnal Green. Hosted by Rabbi Mark, Susannah, who many will know as the wife of Rabbi Neil Kraft z’’l, shares what she and the project team have been finding and why it is so fascinating. You can watch this talk by clicking here.

'Rabbi Debbie's - Desert Island Texts' on Tuesday 16 June, click here to watch and listen to the newest member of the EHRS Rabbinic Team, Rabbi Debbie Young as she talks about her favourite texts and gives an insight into her Rabbinic journey.

Click here to listen to Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers Pause on Radio 2's Pause for Thought, which was on the theme of Good Neighbours

On Friday 1 May the Jewish Chronicle published this obituary of our Rabbi Neil Kraft z''l. It was written by Susannah Kraft. Here is the full version of the obituary as she wrote it.

EHRS Online Talk of the Week with Rabbi Professor Jonathan Magonet from 17 April 2020
How did Moses know he was a Hebrew? Moses became the leader of the Children of Israel through the Exodus, but how did the baby in the bull-rushes know that he was one of them? Rabbi Professor Jonathan Magonet is Emeritus Professor of Bible of Leo Baeck College, of which he is past Principal. He has been co-editor of all British Reform Siddurim and Machzorim since 1977 and has published many fascinating books on the Bible and how to understand it. To follow Jonathan's talk please download this text in Hebrew and this text in English. Here is a recording of Jonathan's talk to enjoy: Recording of Talk

EHRS Online Talk of the Week with Jeremy Leigh from 10 April 2020
Author, educator and leader in the field of Jewish travel, our guest for this week's Online Talk of the Week was Jeremy Leigh, who is the son of our community's former Rabbi Michael Leigh z"l. Having made aliyah in 1992, Jeremy  shared stories, songs and images from Israel to show how the Coronavirus has impacted life for Israelis. Here is a recording of Jeremy's fascinating 45 minutes talk. Jeremy begins 2 minutes into the recording. Click here to enjoy.

Rabbi Mark and Miriam Goldsmith have a song about how good it is to be together, in whatever way we can. If you stood outside your home at 20:00 on Thursday night and heard all the clapping and pan striking to salute the NHS and all health workers you will know what that means! Click here to enjoy.

Rabbi Mark and Miriam Goldsmith have a song to share with you - a great song for waking up to a new day, Noah Aronson's version of the Bar'chu. Click here to enjoy.

Rabbi Mark and Miriam Goldsmith have recorded a special version of V'shamru, the song of Shabbat, click here to enjoy Craig Taubman's version of V'shamru.

Here is a link to Rabbi Mark sharing a prayer for those who feel vulnerable: A prayer for healing