Kaytana and Kadima Summer 2019

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Please list below the adults who have your permission to collect your child from EHRS.

If a person who is not listed attempts to collect your child, we will not permit them to leave the premises.

If your child is to return home alone, a written and signed letter from the parent/guardian must be given to the Senior Youth Worker or Youth Centre Manager in advance.

Permitted to Collect:
Medical information
Any Allergies
Take any medication
Doctor name address and telephone

Week Attendance Charges

EARLY BIRD PRICES (before Friday 7 June)

Kaytana 5-7 & 8-10's Members
Kaytana 5-7 & 8-10's Non-Members
Kadima 11-14's Members
Kadima 11-14's Non-Members

REGULAR PRICES (on or after Friday 7 June)

Kaytana 5-7 & 8-10's Member
Kaytana 5-7 & 8-10's Non-Member
Kadima 11-14's Member
Kadima 11-14's Non-Member

Individual Days Attendance Charges

Kaytana & Kadima (non-trip days)
Kaytana & Kadima (trip days)
Please list individual days

Early Drop Off and Late Pickup Charges

Early drop off /Late pickup
Early/Late Dates
Please keep me updated with future information about activities and events at the EHRS Youth Centre*

agree to my child attending EHRS Kaytana/Kadima Play Scheme 2018 and taking part in all activities organised on the premises and at the local park. I am aware that photos of my child may be taken and used for EHRS publicity, Social Media and website. I agree to my child being given first aid treatment by qualified staff on or off the premises, and where necessary to be taken to hospital in an emergency. If I am not  contactable I agree to my child being given hospital treatment without me being present.

I will sign my child out each day.

Parent's Approval (name and dated to sign)