Friday 13 September
16:15   Kuddle-Up Shabbat for the very young
led by Rabbi Mark Goldsmith
18:30   Erev Shabbat Service & Danescroft Windows Dedication
led by Rabbi Mark Goldsmith, dedication given by Rabbi Steven Katz

Saturday 14 September
9:15    B'nei Mitzvah Torah Breakfast
10:30   Family Service
led by Grant Kay
10:30   Explanatory Service
led by Rabbi Mark Goldsmith
10:30   Main Service
Shacharit Service led by Matthew Taylor & Rabbi Neil Kraft
Torah Service led by Rabbi Neil Kraft
Celebrating the Bar Mitzvah of Matthew Taylor, the 2nd Bar Mitzvah of Geoff Bard, and all those receiving their BM Project Certificates

Explanatory Service
Saturday 14 September 10:30 - 12:15 
Uncover the history of Jewish prayer in an explanatory service, which includes an immersive Torah reading.
This week: Birchot haShachar and Pesukei d’Zimra, the prayers and songs which open our services. With Rabbi Mark.